Bishop of Leeds takes advantage of Synod’s “dressing down” decision

As the new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales prepared to enthrone its Diocesan Bishop, Nick Baines, details of his specially-designed robes were revealed. 

Having been tipped off about the likely result of the General Synod vote on Saturday which made the wearing of robes optional, Bishop Nick requested a groundbreaking new design of Episcopal apparel which he strenuously denies is based on the Liverpool FC home kit.

His mitre bears what appears to be a hitherto unseen Diocesan acronym YNWA “Yorkshire North & West Areas” - are you sure about this? Ed.

bishop Nick LFC robes



Note: Bishop Nick and the Area Bishops for the new Diocese do actually have newly-created robes which have been designed by Polly Meyell.  These can be seen on the West Yorkshire and the Dales website.

Leicester Cathedral revise Richard III’s tomb design to appease Yorkshire

Leicester Cathedral revise Richard III's tomb design to appease Yorkshire

The new design of the tomb of Richard III recalls the son of York’s famous love of Wensleydale cheese. It is modelled on a cheese slicer found on an archaeological dig at Middleham Castle, Richard’s home in Yorkshire.

Intriguingly, it rests on a plinth modelled on the Kindle Fire case design. An historian explains, “King Richard was a thrifty monarch, well-known for his practice of selling army surplus after campaigns, especially the canvas and poles used for sheltering the troops. We are sure that, had he lived today, King Richard would have used a Kindle Fire to trade these goods on Amazon, using his trademark sales pitch “Now is the Kindle of our discount tents”.