10 funny Star Wars memes to celebrate the new trailer #starwarstheforceawakens

In celebration of the new Star Wars Trailer we’ve collected some of the funniest Christian Star Wars memes for your delectation.

  1. Yoda reads John 3:16


2. Footprints on Tattoine


3. Singles night at Church

singles night

4. Jabba the Hut does apologetics


5. Judas the Sith Lord


6. Pew Pew

pew pew

7. New part of Bayeux Tapestry revealed


8. Lack of Faith

lack of faith

9. Ewok evangelists


10. And finally, a strange icon, for some, Star Wars really is a religion!


20 dumb Google searches – according to Anglican Memes website statistics

One of the great things about blogging with WordPress is that you are provided with fascinating statistics on how people find you – the search terms they typed into Google to get to your site.

We have had some weird and wonderful ones this year that we can now share with you. Enjoy!

These are the exact phrases typed into Google:

  1. jokes about canon law

  2. ‘henry viii real?’

  3. is queen elizabeth the second related to the pope?

  4. Bill Oddie Badger

  5. Calvin Klein clerical wear

  6. what to give a priest for tea

  7. silhouette of bishop’s hat

  8. who elects the new queen of england

  9. immoral, impossible, god only knows

  10. is Rowan Atkinson anglican

  11. funeral+tea+bradford

  12. urine cake meme

  13. meme never get cake

  14. paranoid humour

  15. is David Cameron part of the Apocalypse

  16. is brian cox a christian

  17. excuse+to+get+rota+changed

  18. armageddon tea

  19. panic tidying by bishops

  20. tat for clergy


Supreme Governor of Church of England declares ‘War on Terror’

George III stands up to terrorists

George III stands up to terrorist insurgents

On this day in history, the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, George III, declared the first War on Terror as insurgents attacked British peace-keeping forces in the American colonies following a declaration of treason by fifty six local warlords on July 4th 1776. As bombings, assassinations and civil disobedience escalated, Defender of the Faith King George resisted calls for the British government to withdraw its forces, saying their mission of restoring peace, a well-ordered society and proper use of the English language to the British territories of North America was not yet complete.

Spokesmen for the thirteen rebel tribes claimed that their campaign of terror marked the beginning of an epic ‘war of independence’ which would be celebrated for centuries to come as the dawn of a new democratic age. However, the British army dismissed the claims of these militias, pointing out that the insurgents’ sponsors were the slightly less than democratic Empress Catherine The Great of Russia and Louis XVI of France, and that the colonists were not seeking universal democracy, but merely tax benefits and political power for rich, white males.

King Louis XVI commented, “I am a big fan of zis Independence sing in America. King George… ‘ee needs keepin’ in heez place. I mean, in France we have the amazing ME at ze helm so ze people, zey are perfectly happy, but you haff to laff at ze silly English, letting zair colonies get out of hand simply by not letting zair upper middle classes feel important…” To which King George replied, “Don’t lose your head, Louis.” (which proved somewhat prophetic, as it turned out).

Happy birthday to our US cousins!

Hope you don’t mind a Church of England version of history as it most probably looked from this side of the pond back then…