Keep calm and carry on Brexiting

Church of England clergy have all been delighted to be invited by their Archbishops to hold special Brexit tea parties over the Mothering Sunday weekend at less than a fortnight´s notice.

A double espresso, yesterday

“Having been forbidden, along with the majority of clergy, from public jubilation when General Synod announced that women were allowed to be bishops to the delight of most of the nation, when we would gladly have hosted nationwide gin and sausage-butty parties to embrace people on all sides of the debate,” commented the Venerable Sam McAndrodgynous-Forename,
“it might be viewed by some to be ironic that clergy are now being actively encouraged to celebrate a turn of events which literally nobody in the country actually seems to want.”

While some churches may well try valiantly to get the warring factions of the Brexit debate together over a cuppa almost exactly three years too late, most are simply spending the next few weeks limbering up to meet the needs of those whose lives will be turned upside down in the wake of the current political omnishamblery, whilst fasting, praying, giving to charity and serving others as they prepare to recall events of yesteryear in Jerusalem which involved a hapless political leader following the will of the people before washing his hands of the whole affair.