FAQ – an extract from a lost pamphlet at Memes Towers

The Anglicanmemes team are often asked questions by our readers. As part of our mission to gladden ourselves (and cause collateral gratification to our readers wherever possible) we present an excerpt from a pamphlet we once prepared but never found the will or funds to publish: our Frequently Asked Questions.


17.┬áThere is something on Anglicanmemes which I don’t find funny. What can I do?

There’s a resource we recommend called “The Rest of the Internet”. There is actually quite a lot of stuff on it, even more than on the Anglicanmemes site. Some of it is funny. Try this handy search device.

18. Something I have read here does not accord with my own ecclesiology, Christology, historiology, astrology, biology or tautology. What can I do about it?

There is a resource we recommend called “a different website.” Among the varied splendours of the world wide interweb, there is a wide variety of material. You may find a video of a squirrel impersonating a Star Trek communicator helps. Or not. In which case try “a different website”. Or finding a hobby.

19. I am confused and befuddled by something I have seen and/or read at Anglicanmemes. What can you suggest?

Well, confusion and befuddlement is all relative. Watch this video and try us again. We may seem relatively normal.

20. You’re weird and you dress funny.

That’s technically not a question, but yes. Welcome to the parish: you’ll never leave!

21. What happened to the first 16 FAQs?

Frequently asked does not always equate to frequently answered. It is never spoken of.

22. Why do I persist in visiting Anglicanmemes?