I’d like to make you feel comfortable, that’s why I want to talk to you about Jesus…

have-you-found-jesusA report has been published about evangelism that will be discussed by the General Synod of the Church of England shortly called ‘Talking Jesus‘. It has resulted in a number of surprising headlines including:

‘We need to talk about Jesus’ – cue cringing embarrassment – Andrew Brown in the Guardian

Talking about Christianity could just put people off – Church of England signals – The Telegraph

Don’t preach, Church tells Christians: Research suggests those who talk about beliefs are more likely to put friends and colleagues off God than turn them to faith – The Daily Mail

For a summary of the findings of the report, watch the first 30 seconds of this:

Away in a Manger, no Sled for a Bed


It’s silly season again and the world has gone mad for made up nativity plays. Meanwhile the annual vicar witch hunt is on. This one is making people question the very existence if the tooth fairy!!

For the record, St Nicholas and Jesus both existed. And they were both white men. Verifiable fact.

Now THAT’S how to celebrate a wedding…


Now THAT'S how to celebrate a wedding...

Click on the picture to see the video…

Here at Anglicanmemes Towers, we’re big fans of Reverend Kate Bottley – previously seen in Christingle guise.

When Kate officiated at Gary and Tracy Richardson’s wedding service earlier this month, they wanted a little more than a polite Church of England round of applause after being pronounced husband and wife. Rev Kate was only too happy to help…

This is how the story was reported in the local paper [links to external site]