Man United-Supporting Bishop Consecrated

The new Bishop of Stockport, the Right Reverend Libby Lane, was consecrated in York Minster today in the face of opposition from some in the Church of England who believe that a Manchester United supporter cannot take on such a role and would be unable to be a focus of unity within a Diocese.

Indeed, a lone Man City supporter was heard to call out during the service “Not in my name!” and complain to the Archbishop of York that “It’s not in the Bible: none of the apostles were Man United supporters!”

However, the service continued and the saxophone-playing, Manchester United supporting, crossword-tackling Bishop of Stockport was consecrated to loud acclamation from the 1000 or so in the congregation for whom no detail of her personhood was a barrier to the love and grace of God working in her ministry as Bishop.

Bishop of Leeds takes advantage of Synod’s “dressing down” decision

As the new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales prepared to enthrone its Diocesan Bishop, Nick Baines, details of his specially-designed robes were revealed. 

Having been tipped off about the likely result of the General Synod vote on Saturday which made the wearing of robes optional, Bishop Nick requested a groundbreaking new design of Episcopal apparel which he strenuously denies is based on the Liverpool FC home kit.

His mitre bears what appears to be a hitherto unseen Diocesan acronym YNWA “Yorkshire North & West Areas” – are you sure about this? Ed.

bishop Nick LFC robes



Note: Bishop Nick and the Area Bishops for the new Diocese do actually have newly-created robes which have been designed by Polly Meyell.  These can be seen on the West Yorkshire and the Dales website.

Four horsemen come out in support of The Sun

Four horsemen come out in support of The Sun

Following the lead of the leaders of the three main UK political parties, more public figures have come out in support of The Sun, notably the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It turns out that: