Disappointing election result in Galatia as UCIP gains support


Following the recent conference between Peter, Paul and other church leaders in Jerusalem and the resolution of many differences between Jewish and Gentile converts to Christianity, there had been widespread hope of a growth in Christian unity. A consensus had emerged  that the Holy Spirit was drawing the whole Jesus Movement to celebrate their diversity and live and worship together in love and peace.

However, the results of the Galatia General Synod elections are now in, and, early indications are that the separatist group United Circumcision Insistence Party (UCIP) have increased their share of the vote.

A disappointed St Paul said, “This result is partly down to the blanket coverage and promotion of UCIP by the Pisidian Antioch Broadcasting Corporation in recent times. However, the important thing now is for all of us, whenever we have an opportunity, to work for the good of all, and especially for those in the family of the faith.”

A UCIP spokesman said, “Paul should just **** off back to where he came from.”

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