The test of a good religion…

I just read a post on Rachel Held Evans’ blog about Christians and humour (which is worth a read in its entirety) and saw this GK Chesterton quotation:

GK Chesterton

This summarises something of the thinking behind this site.

Rachel has a few points in her post:

1. Humour works when it’s directed toward yourself

The vast majority of the jokes on this site are directed at ourselves. A good example is the Socially Awkward Christian Penguin.

2. Humour works when it’s directed toward your own community or culture

And our main culture here is the Church of England in it’s context in England. An example is in this Doctor Who article.

3. Humour works when it’s directed toward the powerful

Have a look at this article about Lord Carey.

4. Humour works when it tears down idols

How about this?


We hope we regularly make you smile but we also hope that sometimes we can be a prophetic voice in the church through our satire.



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