The Church of England goes to Hollywood – the best of #churchofenglandfilms

On Friday our very own Robb started a hashtag game encouraging people to think of #churchofenglandfilms. The contributions came in thick and fast and continued until late Saturday and at lunch time on Friday it trended in the UK on twitter (this is very exciting if you are a twitter geek like us!) We were delighted that lots of people said the game had made their night and had been the most entertaining thing they’d seen on twitter for a long while.

twitter trending

This is really part of what we’re trying to do with this website – raise a smile for the institution we love:

Just in case you missed just how fun this was, here is a selection of some of the best tweets. A special mention should be made for @jamesOMcraig who had to be the most prolific producer of these puns (we’ve only shared a fraction of them here!):


Feel free to add more by twitter or in the comments on this post or on our facebook page.

[View the story “What if the Church of England made movies?” on Storify]

3 thoughts on “The Church of England goes to Hollywood – the best of #churchofenglandfilms

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  2. “The Man with the Golden Thurible”
    “Finding Justin” – one denomination’s search for a new leader
    “Justin Welby and the Chamber of Secrets (aka House of Bishops)”
    “Justin Welby and the General Synod”

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