Affirming Laudianism

A funny site we found. Here’s an extract:

Image from WikipediaAffirming Laudianism associates itself with the following organisations within the Church of England.

‘Old Wine Skins’ is a new movement in the Church of England which seeks to renew the Church as she used to be for our own age. They believe:

  1. That it is better to patch the old than embrace the new;
  2. That where decline is inevitable it is better to die valiantly than to lose what has been cherished;
  3. That vitality in Church life can co-exist with decadence and hypocrisy.

‘Old Wine Skins’ is affiliated to ‘Regress’, a grouping of Church people who seek to enthusiastically embrace the ways of the past, applying them to new situations.

We also associate ourselves with ‘Radical Regression’, formed by a group of former Oxbridge chaplains, now retired although one still active in Gibraltar and Europe. They have contributed to a book which says that for today’s Christian regression is not old fashioned but radical. With an introduction by the Archbishop of the Southern Cone and an afterward by the Bishop of London.

Visit Affirming Laudianism.

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